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2017 Exhibits


Greg Sparling II was born and raised in Lincoln Nebraska, he enjoys producing furniture, 3D sculptures and paintings. Greg has worked with his hands his entire life. Being a talented wood worker he enjoys developing his painting ability to keep his mind evolving.  He is a members of the Lincoln Artist Guild and has shown at art galleries and art shows throughout Lincoln.  Receiving local awards in his short career, he is proud to share his work with anyone who enjoys viewing creative works. Greg has a very fresh and imaginative style, which is full of vivid colors, and strong use of texture. With a large portfolio of work he enjoys a wide variety of mediums including oils, wood, light, fire, stone, etc. which may inspire people from all walks of life to explore their imagination. If you would like to view Greg’s work please come take look at the Out Of the Box store and at Noyes Art Gallery throughout the entire year. Greg occasionally shows at the Metro as well.


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