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The Union Board assumes the role of advocate for the various public of the Nebraska Unions' programs and services and shall represent the policies and positions of The University of Nebraska and the Nebraska Unions to the public of the Nebraska Unions' programs and services. The needs, concerns, and opinions of the public shall be represented to the Nebraska Unions Director through regular public meetings and the Board conducted in accordance with the Nebraska Union Board bylaws.

Bylaws   [PDF]

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The students and faculty comprising the Nebraska Union Board meet biweekly to discuss bettering the Unions' system through advocating for all members of the Husker community. The Nebraska Union Board is composed of 14 students with faculty and staff acting as an advocate for the various segments of the university community- including the Jackie Gaughan Multicultural Center, the Nebraska East Union, and the Nebraska Union.

Student board members have the opportunity to create further change through Advertising and Public Relations, Membership and Engagement, or Space Usage and Allocation subcommittees.

Students selected to be on the board work together to ensure every student, guest, and member of the Lincoln community has a positive place to interact and connect with one another.

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