UNL Student Business Booth Policy

Designated spaces located inside specific Student Affair facilities (Nebraska Union, Nebraska East Union, and Willa Cather Dining Center) or outdoor spaces (Nebraska Union and Nebraska East Union) may be reserved by currently enrolled UNL students for the sale of merchandise produced by themselves or their personal business (“Student Business”).

  • Merchandise sold by a Student Business must be the original work or product of the Student Business. No merchandise offered for sale may be made by a vendor other than the Student Business.
  • All merchandise sold must comply with University of Nebraska-Lincoln and Nebraska Board of Regent policies.
  • A Student Business is limited to one booth or outdoor table at any given time. Activities requiring more than one table are considered an event and will fall under the Nebraska Unions Booth and Outdoor Activity Policy.
  • One six-foot table and two chairs will be located between the East Columns in the booth area in the Nebraska Union, outside of the East Campus Dining Center in the Nebraska East Union or outside of Herbie’s Market in the Willa Cather Dining Center. The table and chairs are not to be moved from their designated locations. Those using the designated tables are to remain behind the tables and the tables are not to be moved into walkways. Only two people may staff the Student Business’ table at any given time. The location of any outdoor tables will be determined at the time the reservation is made. All outdoor tables and chairs are to be returned at the conclusion of the reservation.
  • A Student Business may reserve a table pursuant to this policy no more than three times per week. Specific times are to be given at the time of the reservation so other groups may use the table either before or after another Student Business’ reserved time.
  • Only one student business may sell items per day per location at each location.
  • The name of the Student Business must be prominently displayed using a poster or banner.
  • Student Business’ or their representatives may not verbally harass individuals and loud and boisterous activity is not allowed. Student Business’ representatives are expected to remain behind the table they are provided pursuant to this policy.
  • A Student Business needs to get permission from the Nebraska Unions Reservations office to have music and/or amplified sound at the time the reservation is made.
  • No food or beverage items may be sold or otherwise distributed by a Student Businesses.
  • The University of Nebraska assumes no responsibility for the theft or loss of a Student Business’ property.
  • The Student Business shall not indicate the University of Nebraska endorses the Student Business or its merchandise, nor shall the Student Business create any appearance of such endorsement.

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