Nebraska East Union Renovation

Welcome to the Nebraska East Union Renovation Site!

In October 2018 the Nebraska East Union began a 2 year renovation project. The Nebraska East Union opened in 1977. Over the years the needs of East Campus have changed, which lead to this renovation of approximately $28.5 million. Highlights of this project include:

  • 30% expansion of the Great Plains Room
  • Dining is moving to the 1st Floor and will have expanded food and seating options for the whole campus community as well as those on meal plans.
  • Bowling Center will be upgraded to expand the team space as well as enhance the Husker Experience for bowlers using the space.
  • New Starbucks located at the new South Entrance connected to Legacy Plaza
  • New and increased lounges and study rooms for building community

This page will be the location where you can find all the up to date information about the Nebraska East Union Renovation. From what areas will be closed to when your favorite area will reopen. Here you will find the links to all the video updates, photos from the project along with some thoughts from the Nebraska Unions Staff about how the project is moving along and what you can expect.

Follow us through the Grit of making your Nebraska East Union better with our successes and even our frustrations. Through this page we will even try to answer your questions with walk throughs with the contractors and show you weekly updates on what is happening behind the walls.

We want to thank you for your patience through this upgrade and hope you will see the Glory of the Renovated Nebraska East Union shine through in the Fall of 2020.

Dining Options (as of August 20, 2019)

For students with a meal plan

Dining Services is temporarily serving meals from the Massengale (MRC) Multipurpose Room. Three entrée selections are available for breakfast, lunch and dinner Monday-Friday at designated serving times. Brunch and dinner are served Saturdays and Sundays.

For everyone, including faculty, staff and all students
  • Corner Express is a pop-up café on the first floor of Nebraska East Union (north entrance). Open 7:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. Monday–Friday.
  • Premade sandwiches, canned soda, salads, and chips can be purchased with credit cards, NCards, and cash. Fresh sushi coming soon.
  • Free coffee during the dining center renovation period, courtesy of Dining Services. Bring your travel mug to the Corner Express for a free cup of coffee.

Week of October 14th Project Updates

1st Floor

  • Booths have been delivered and the rest of the furniture will begin installation at the end of the month
  • Wood trim and ceiling tile in the seating area have been put in place
  • Currently cleaning up the space
  • Equipment startups will begin on the 29th
  • Punch list inspection going on this week
  • Soda machine installed earlier this week
  • The new air handler for the kitchen is scheduled for startup later this week

2nd Floor

  • Starbucks is framed in and drywall should be complete by the end of the month
  • Great Plains Room framing is near completion
  • Framing of the fireplace has started
  • Steelwork on the stairwells is set to begin
  • Mid landing stairs concrete has been poured
  • Flooring to begin in mid-November
  • Demo of the 1st floor stair is currently underway- please anticipate additional jackhammer noise this week

Other Building Items

  • Fire alarm test will take place beginning at 7:00am on Friday, October 18
  • Loading dock roof is being installed and then they will work on finishing up the edges
  • Loading dock is set to clear up for deliveries and typical function in early November
  • Mechanical penthouse siding installation began this week

Other Items/Announcements

  • Corner Deli Express will discontinue on November 1st so staff can begin training in the new space
  • October 20th is the switchover date from cooling to heating for our temporary plan for 1st and 3rd floors. We will monitor temperatures and do our best to keep areas comfortable, but we request flexibility and understanding during temporary plans with limited control and fluctuating daily temperatures. The interior temperatures have been cooler this week, so please plan accordingly
  • Food Trucks have been running since the first day of classes on East Campus. There are two designated locations- East Campus Loop and College of Dentistry. The daily offerings and schedule can be found at the food truck website.

Updated Milestone Dates

  • Dining Center on 1st floor will be complete on 11/4 and we intend to be open for business for first meal on November 13
  • Starbucks is scheduled to be completed on February 1st and hopefully open shortly thereafter
  • Great Plains Room is scheduled to be completed on 3/29/19 with our first event scheduled for 4/1
  • 3rd floor will go under renovation beginning after commencement
  • Bowling Alley and the rest of the 1st floor is scheduled to be renovated May 11, 2020 to October 12, 2020

Nebraska East Union Video Updates

Click here to see all the new behind the scene videos from the Nebraska East Union Renovation

Project Timeline

Phase 1: Beginning Fall Semester 2018

  • 1st Floor Dining Facility
  • Great Plains Room Expansion
Phase 2: Beginning Spring Semester 2019
  • Great Plains Room Expansion and Renovation (GPR Offline May 2019)
  • Atrium and 2nd Floor
Phase 3: Beginning May 2020
  • Bowling and Rest of 1st Floor
  • 3rd Floor
Projected Construction Milestones
  • Dining Center- November 2019
  • Starbucks and majority of 2nd Floor- February 2020
  • Great Plains Room- April 2020
  • Bowling and Welcome Desk- October 2020

Project Information

Temporary Structure: Click Here.

Site Logistics: Click Here.

Renderings: Click Here.

Temporary Building Access Map: Click Here.

Construction Project Meeting Notes

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